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Re: Nagging over tiny things

END OF THREAD SUMMARY - accurate as of 17/05/2016

why is info about race distribution on the Universe -> Misc page? Put that shit on the Universe -> Races page.
Why am I being logged out after 2 hours when ticks aren't running?
When I'm logged out, why do I not return to the page I was previously on?
I can click on the headers of every column on the Galaxy page, except for the '#' one. This is dumb.
The same goes for the 'Last Active' column of the Alliance -> Members page.
Why when your gal has incs you can click the red Hostile link on the overview to go the Gal Status, but when you're alone to have incs, the same red Hostile link doesn't work.
Due to insufficient research in Asteroid Mining, you currently miss out on:
Metal 1,000 Crystal 1,000 Eonium 1,000
This message does not take into account the mining bonus. It should be 1280 in this instance.
Planets belonging to your Buddy Pack (buddy-code: xxxxxx)
Alliance Nickname
It would be rather useful if this list also showed coords, because right now you can't see if your buddies have done their setup stuff. While you're at it, make it a link.
When I reset my planet, alliance scan sharing settings are kept, but the quest isn't done. Either forget the settings or finish the quest, so I don't have to turn them off and then on.
You have joined the desired buddy-pack. Code: ???????
to this...

BP Confirmation! As you requested, we have joined you to the buddy pack using the code: ???????

You will be moved together during the tick ?? reshuffle.
A Nationalist government has impressively high natural alertness combined with enviable income bonuses and a small research bonus. This comes at the expense of slower production of ships and a painfully slow construction rate.
A Socialist government has moderate bonuses in mining, construction, production time and stealth, for the benefit of all.
Why is there a description only for socialism and nationalism and not for the rest of them also?
You may wish to trade with the galaxy fund to receive the entire remaining stock of one resource.
You can use this table to find out the total resource cost required to trade for all the specified resource:

Target Resource Total Cost Half Cost
Metal 21608 10804
Crystal 0 0
Eonium 10526 5263
The numbers in this table are rounded incorrectly. Using them leaves 1 of a resource type in the fund. Replace floor() with ceil(), please.
On the alliance scan request page, it would be nice to have it say who requested the scan and when it was requested.
Originally Posted by PA
Total Attacks: 7
Total Defences: 3
Total Launches: 10
This info should be accessible through History -> Outgoing Fleet. Also add the same info on Incoming Fleet.
<various manual fixes>
On the Alliance Defence page: incoming hostile fleets are sorted differently in the bit that's visible by default and the bit that's normally collapsed:

Originally Posted by PA
1:8:5 5:5:5 Alpha Etd 49000 5 B P D N J A 9
1:8:5 6:2:2 Tanith First and Only Ter 55987 5 B A 8
1:8:5 11:9:8 Another Fleet Name Cat 68000 5 B A 9
1:8:5 14:2:8 Jordan Etd 47200 5 B P A 9

14:2:8 - Jordan - Classes: Fi Co Fr De Cr Bs
6:2:2 - Tanith First and Only - Classes: Fi Co Fr De Cr Bs
5:5:5 - Alpha - Classes: Fi Co Fr De Cr Bs
11:9:8 - Another Fleet Name - Classes: Fi Co Fr De Cr Bs
Originally Posted by PA Bcalc
Comment: [....................] (Max 20 chars)
This is not enough. We need more.
When people write a long ally application message, it is silently truncated to 250 bytes
Why on the research screen can I not see what my current research actually will do. I have to stop it and then the drop down works. -> this has been fixed using a mouseover
- explain or remove population count and growth rate
- scan request; show coords and type of scan in the message saying the scan is done, so i dont have to look through all of my requests to find the one i need.
- allow me to cancel ingame scan requests.
- show total ships and total value of all defending and attacking fleets in bcalc
- allow me to remove all saved bcalcs (select all)
"AAA of BBB (x:y:z) has been decided to leave the alliance. This is an automated mail to ensure you are aware of their departure. They provided the following reason:"
".a Applicants in your alliance) has been..."
Originally Posted by
Current Game Time: 13:32:7
Not sure if this has been mentioned before or not, but i couldnt see it, When trying to scan myself if i hav less amps than dists i cnt scan myself to see if i have incs etc. This is stupid, you should automatically be immune to your own dists. (i know there is an option to allow gal m8's to see past my dists, but if you are random and dnt want your gal m8's to scan you, its a pain in the ass to have to keep changing this over and back again everytime you want to scan yourself!
my nap would be more information on the alliance memeber info page such as ally def fleets sent...
The galaxy page intel input form should have a default reliability of 100% and I'd like to be able to submit it with the enter key.
Relation Change 552 and Terran Alliance have confirmed they are allied.
Relation Change 552 and Terran Alliance have confirmed they are allied.
and the other ally is?
why are there 2 of those?
- allow me to add 1 wave of an incoming scan to a calc instead of adding all waves
- show salvage amounts if there is only 1 fleet defending in bcalc
The bcalc has a left margin of 150 pixels, which is just empty space. Considering that a bcalc of a 1 vs 1 battle fits perfectly in a window of 1024 pixels wide, without the margin, that seems dumb.
On the production page, if you hover over a ship name, it shows the details. When a ship has no T2 or T3, the damage for those Ts doesn't need to be shown. [kind of ... the damage is removed, but the entire "T2/T3" lines are not.
Did appocomaster change the alliance mailing so people with alliance access can mail the specific groups within the alliance and not just hc and everyone which were the options...
Display exile cost even if you can't exile for another 3 ticks
When queueing a construction when you're already making one of the same type:
Originally Posted by PA
Finance Centre
Cost: Metal 28,500 Crystal 28,500 Eonium 28,500
Originally Posted by PA
You have insufficient funds to build another structure, it requires 30,000 metal, 30,000 crystal and 30,000 eonium
[On bcalcs] If I hit 'add fleet' on the defense side, I get a new Ter fleet. This happens with other races too: it seems to copy from the previous fleet. The race for a new fleet should be blank.
on gal def page i would like the target planet to be clickable (click co-ords, it takes you to gal screen) AND/OR the scan options next to the target planets also so I can quickly check his resources, prod and fleet -> not the scan, just the link to the galaxy screen
On alliance def page you can see the nick of the target on mouse over, would be nice to have the same for the defending fleets.
on alliance defence page, i would like to be able to hover over attacking fleets and any alliance intel that our alliance has input in game for those co-ords would display (giving me an overview of what allies are hitting us and where)
on bcalc i would like to be able to click the E to empty out fleet numbers in fleet 1, without emptying out the relevant planet details (structure, roids, value. score, co-ords). though the option should also exist to wipe out all the info too of course
when looking at an older scan group, when there is a newer scan available all 'newer scan available, click here to view' links point to the same scan.
whats with the triple p? all planet scans were from the same tick. (co-ord etc censored for this board. send me a forum mail if you want the fulls screenshot pocco)
Show proper timestamps on scans. It's annoying not knowing whether a JGP is from 22:00:15 or from 22:59:30.
The 'Click HERE to see the members' alliance points.' link on the members overview is visible for all, but when you click on it when you dont have enough access you get sent to your alliance overview tab in a new window.
In the bcalc, when I use 'Add my stuff', it doesn't do my coords. If I'm adding my stuff to an existing fleet without coords, or a new fleet, I'd like my coords set automatically.
On the Universe > Races page:

Race Count (%)
Terran 83(14%)
Cathaar 136(23%)
Xandathrii 135(23%)
Zikonian 125(22%)
Eitraides 88(15%)
These percentages are rounded down. 83 / 567 = 14.6%. They should just be rounded. A space between the count and the percentage wouldn't look bad either, nor would making the percentage a column of its own.
For some weird reason, whenever you gain resources during the tick (cov ops, donation), you gain resources/1000 in value immediately. For the life of me I can't imagine why this is. Then when the game ticks, it's increased to resources/150, which is as you'd expect.
When I click the "!News!" thing, I'd like to have some visual indication of which news entries I haven't seen before. This indication would go away on its own if I refresh or click 'News' again.
The feed is not sorted by date and time. Mid-tick events such as NAP cancellations are sometimes (perhaps always) listed before events that occur at the beginning of ticks, and sometimes in the wrong order.
Maybe add a column to the alliance defence page showing the alliance added to the ingame arby. That way it would actually be usefull to add intel ingame aswell. tyvm pal
Possible to make web links clickable when messaged ingame ie Bcalcs? - use the [Bcalc] tags
sharing battle reports (or any news item) is a bit of a pain; at present to get to the brep you have to click share > click journal > click shared news > click URL. Could it be changed so that clicking the 'share news' would auto open the battle report URL (while still adding it to your journal etc)? I imagine pretty much everyone who's sharing a battle rep will want it open straight away so they can copy/paste the URL.
Originally Posted by PA
Write a reason for the exile here. This will be sent to the exile-planet as a message as soon as he is exiled.
Originally Posted by PA
Here you can leave a message and explain to the user why you have changed his status.
Those default messages should be useful for the exiled/kicked player, not the exiler/kicker.

[edit]Also, use singular 'they'. Most of us are male, but not all.
CLICK HERE to select your upgrade bonuses.
Takes you to the startup bonuses page, instead of taking you to the upgrade bonuses as it says.
The "delete my planet" interface is messed up on the Text Only skin:
The checkbox that you need to tick seems completely separate from the rest of the code. Also, when you hit the button without ticking the checkbox, the game shows no error message.
Researchtime: 10 ticks
Research Points: 0/1600
[all underlined]
Why is everything underlined in the research page? Makes it hard to read and annoying.
Can you make co-rds on jgp clickable again please was very useful
The production page shows how many ships you'd have after you place an order. However, this count does not include other running prods.
i'd like to see the races in the JGP
On the bcalc, a kind individual pointed out to me that you can add planet roids/score/value/race by using the 'Add Planet' button at the top. This is a rather convoluted mechanism. I'd like to be able to just fill in the Coords fields below the fleets.
As alliance scanner one thing I really miss is:
The ability to do multiple scan types on a galaxy!
As of now you can do;
For one single planet you can tick of multiple scantypes (p, d, a)
For a galaxy you can tick of and scan one or all or anything in between, but only one scan type at the time.
Can we get a third option, where I can go on galaxy scan --> search correct gal --> tick of so that I can do p, d, a scan all in one click?
Would be rahter awesome.
Hide alliance scan requests that I don't have enough amps for.
On dev scans, when I hover over numbers in the 'technology level' column, I'd like to see an info box pop up that tells me what exactly '4' means.
Relation Change 435 HeX has decided to end its alliance with .
Relation Change 434 HeX has decided to end its alliance with HeX.
can we have an entry for alliances merging instead of this?
Originally Posted by Mzyxptlk View Post
Show proper timestamps on scans. It's annoying not knowing whether a JGP is from 22:00:15 or from 22:59:30.
We have this now (thanks!), but the timestamp is misaligned on the text only skin.
You cannot currently produce any ships. To produce ships, you need to research Fighter Class Hulls on your Research Page.
Have FI researched already. Etd just don't have FI-Co's.
Change tooltip?
On the Overview page, the ship listing is much wider than it needs to be, making it hard to see which number belongs to which ship. The View Alliance Ships page does it a little better, but not much.
Exploding Fist does not check whether a target has a type of roid in advance, resulting in successful operations that do no damage. For example, 2:3:3 has only metal and eonium roids, but Exploding Fist will still hit attempt to blow up crystal roids a third of the time. That's silly.
on the members tab in alliance page can we get a check box that can be ticked to jgp some/all members similar to the galaxy scan option that ally scanners now have
when you go to put ships into production, the total ships of that type on the production page changes to add in the ships you are about to order, but the total ignores any ships of that type you have in production

Not sure if fixed
64 y:y:y (Pending) Jumpgate Probe
64 x:x:x (Pending) Jumpgate Probe

Both scans are done and got the link via pa-mail. The status hasn't changed and I still have the button to "cancel request" active.

To Fix
Originally Posted by PA
Covert Operations
Description: Hire 5 agents to allow you to attempt covert operations on hostile planets.
Mission: Recruit 5 agents.

Complete Operation
Description: Successfully complete a covert operation against a hostile planet.
Mission: Perform a Hacking : Science Database covert operation on another planet.
Why have a quest to hire 5 agents if you need 10 to do a research hack for the very next quest?
In breps: ignore empty (home) fleets for the "Defending fleets: X" things.
Originally Posted by PA Forums
This is the link to the most recent post for the Announcement subforum. It leads nowhere, presumably because of the way Appocomaster posts in there, namely as a guest, god knows why. Ace does it the old fashioned way. Please be more like Ace, Appoco.
Quest : build a light factory
Can't an Etd get this quest done by building a medium factory?
Cancelling an production order costs more than letting it finish and then selling the ships. This is odd.
The galaxy screen help text should only be displayed under the '?', not also right there on the page. Alternatively, make it hideable.
my nap would be more information on the alliance memeber info page... or quick fast mail link or mail person from clicking on there name on alliance memeber page
When requesting a scan from your alliance after being blocked, let the request show that it needs more amps than you have, so it doesn't potentially waste more resources with no chance of succeeeding.
Also, please make the history page (on scroll horizontally when the window is too small to fit it. Having to scroll down to below the menu pane is annoying.
Originally Posted by PA
Complete Operation
Description: Successfully complete a covert operation against a hostile planet.
Mission: Perform a Hacking : Science Database covert operation on another planet.
It should be possible to complete this quest with any covert op. I don't think the description needs changing, though.
Current Alert Level : Good (82)
Max Alert Level : Good (83)
Current Active Security Guards : 2988
Predicted Alert Change : 1
My covert ops page has displayed this for the past 24 hours or so. The max alert level that's displayed strikes me as correct:

max_alert = ( 50 + 5 * guards / ( roids + 1 ) ) * 1 + pop + gov
max_alert = ( 50 + 5 * 2988 / ( 1078 + 1 ) ) * 1 + 0.4 - 0.1
max_alert = ( 50 + 5 * 2988 / 1079 ) * 1.3 =
max_alert = 83 (exactly 83)

However, I guess the server code does some bad rounding somewhere that makes it come out as 82.9999.
Should have some rewards going for finishing the other quests aswell.
As it's pointless of being of one the elite few that manages to reach 5000 total roids. (Besides all the xp you've accumulated for landing/initting those roids)

Some minor rewards for each completed quest should be rewarded, and the further up the Quest tree you get, the bigger the reward should be.
When there's an active scan request on x:y:z that has a minimum number of required amps, and a second scan request (with a different type) is made on x:y:z , the number of required amps should be automatically set for it.
For the alliance defence page I would like a 'Fake Defence' button. At the moment we have a 'Fake' button but that is being used to point out it is a fake attack. Possibly rename that to 'Fake Attack'.
When an alliance is in the process of merging, accepting a 41th member will cancel the merge (without further warning), while you can't even manually cancel the merge any more. During a merge process you either shouldn't be able to accept new members, or not a 41th anyway. At the very least, there should be a warning/confirmation of some kind when you attempt to accept the 41th member.
When you start a merge and you keep the name of one of the alliances, if that is a preserved name, it is now required to re-enter the alliance passcode. This shouldn't be necessary.

xp in breps
Show the price of a covop before you launch it.

May fix
"View pages in a lighter version, where available."
Do we really need this in the menu bar (ie on every single ****ing page) or can we just put this in one of the sub-sub tabs of the preferences page? The same goes for the "Always Show/Hide Descriptions" on the construction, research, waves and (probably) cov ops pages.
Why, as GC, are you not auto set to trusted?
Does all "wanted" status reset if the GC changes?
Originally Posted by PA
Quest 27 You have completed your latest quest objective, enable Alliance tax, which was to visit the Preferences screen and enable your alliance tax setting, and gain 2000 of each resource in reward.
Quest 27 Congratulations, you have completed the galaxy/alliance setup category of quests, and gain 200 xp in reward.
Why do I get the "you have completed all quests of category X" reward before the reward of the last quest in category X?
I want to be able to remove default access groups in my alliance.
Originally Posted by PA
Landing Scan on 5:6:1 in tick 449
Mission ETA
Attack 1
Attack 1
Attack 1
Defend 1
Attack 1
Attack 1
Attack 1
Attack 1
Attack 1
Why does it say all fleets are eta 1? You can only do landing scans at eta 1 anyway. Proposing change to:

Originally Posted by mzPA
Landing Scan on 5:6:1 in tick 449
Mission Fleets
Attack 8
Defend 1
Why are Alliance options on the preferences page? Would they not be better on the alliance page?
When doing a bcalc, I add my fleet, then go to add my score/roids, your given the option of "new" or "fleet 1". Can that just be auto set to fleet 1 if only a single fleet is present?
and please could the feed dump be changed so it doesn't contain everything? maybe just the last few ticks or limited to 200 entries like the universe page rather than increasingly redundant data every tick?
The covert operation failed. Your agents were caught and killed
p scan showed 0 agents 0 guards
Realise this is the game mechanics not actually needing guards, but it still sucks.
- show news/battle reports in a bcalc rather than in plain text/table so it's much more detailed
- allow fleets to be saved and loaded, so i can move a fleet from 1 bcalc to another.
- mark closed planets in galaxy overview
- add galaxy-defence page (similar to alliance def page)
- I'd like a modification to the "add scan to bcalc" feauture. It's for lazy, or overworked BC's and DC's. Is it possible to make modifications to the "add scan to bcalc" option by being able to make it possible to add a certain shiptype or anti-shiptype.
Originally Posted by PA


Originally Posted by PA

Why aren't all coords links? e.g on the ally def page, the hostile coordinates are links to the galaxy, but the coords of the planet being attacked isn't a link. Same with scans; make all co-ordinates a link to the galaxy of the planet! <-- this has been partially completed.
Why aren't shipstats available at time of signup? "What race do you want to go?" "NFI."
The top 100 can be sorted by column, but that excludes any planets outside of the top 100. I'd like to see the 100 planets with the most roids in the universe, not the 100 planets with the most score, sorted by size.
Selecting bcalcs in the 'My' menu is slow. I click and about half a second later the bcalc entry switches colour.
I'd like better page titles. The current format makes all my tabs look like "Planetario...", which is not very helpful. The favicon already tells me it's PA, so the title doesn't need to. I've written this GreaseMonkey script to fix it for me, feel free to be inspired: Result:
Why are production orders given random strings as unique IDs?
Not that its overly used but... why does the ingame attack page not automatically close a chosen wave??
And also not display which alliance nick claimed it
I'd like an 'expand/collapse all' button on the galaxy status and alliance defense pages.
I'd like my coords to be highlighted on the alliance defense page.
Since this round, you can no longer 'overflow' the alliance fund by trading repeatedly. This prevents an exploit that was previously possible. Good thing. However, now, through no fault of my own, I can't trade with the fund if it's full. This annoys me. I'd rather have that I can still trade and that the 5% trading fee that I pay simply disappears.
The alliance scan request table has an empty column of cells of 20% width in it. This column prevents scan requests from fitting on one line:
Removing the empty column turns it into this:
Atleast as alliance scanner you have the ability to group a set of scans you have done. We have two quick buttons, "tick all group" and "tick all hide"
Can we get a new button "tick all not grouped" or something?
On breps of battles, add a button 'Turn this brep into a bcalc'.
When you click the 'add to bcalc' link on scans twice, the 'New Bcalc, Last Active Bcalc' text appears twice:
The 'hide notification of new attacks on your alliance' setting does not work, and even when it did work, it was a setting for the entire alliance, not just for you.
Traditionally, on the galaxy page, planets in your alliance are indicated with an "A" in front of them. Please also automatically set the alliance and nick of these planets in the last column. (Also, unset the alliance (but not nick) of planets that leave)
Also, no one cares about bcalc stats, they don't need to be on Split that off to a different page.
While we're at it, it should be possible to set the minimum number of dists when you request a scan from outside of the blocked scan dialog
When you add ships from a scan to the most recent active bcalc, the default fleet selected in the drop down menu is an existing fleet. However, I almost never want to add ships from 2 scans to the same fleet. Make the default selected value in the fleet drop down menu the 'new' option.
if when you exile yourself the cost goes to the gal fund, i'd like the cost to go to you when you're exiled by your gal...
The beta bcalc doesn't have the comment field. [edit] it does have a comment field, but it's only present when you're logged in. Not sure why.
I'm sure mz has mentioned it already in this thread (TL;DR) but why is there a Parallel ranking on the universe -> misc section?
[bcalc] also I would like to see a wave option, so i could input say wave 3 and it would calculate roid cap based on two full caps (25%) prior to your cap
Being able to see pl'ed fleets in galaxy, like you can on the alliance def screen, possibly on a new, dedicated galaxy defense screen where you can edit access.
also an option to allow you to share scans WITH GALAXY so they appear on recent scans made
I'd like the galaxy status and alliance defense pages to be sortable by target coords, attacker coords, ETA, etc.
On the galaxy status page, if you expand an incoming, the 'Bs' and 'Detected scans' texts are squished together. Text only skin.
i'd like co-rds in news/newscans and jgp's to be clickable
The alliance dumps now contain value. This information should be visible on the ingame universe page too.
Would be nice to have Covop stats/rankings for different types of missions other than just attempts/successes. These would be nice to have at least at the end of round if people dont want their mission strategy compromised during the round.
When you click "Add to bcalc" on a scan in a scan group, the "New Bcalc or Last Active Bcalc" dialog pops up at the first scan in the group, rather than near the place you clicked.
Also, the capitalization on those three texts is inconsistent.
Originally Posted by PA
Get 5000 roids total

Getting to 5000 asteroids means that you are a member of a very small group. This elite group has proven that they are able to repulse all hostile planets. Be careful as there are a lot of planets in the universe who will want to have some of those asteroids.

Gain a total of 5000 asteroids.
Suggesting change from 'get 5k roids' to 'get 5k total round roids', as per this (
In PA mails, "mother****ers" is replaced with "smurf", instead of "smurfs".
When 2 identical requests are made, merge them in the UI. There's no reason for it to show up twice.
Email notification settings are forgotten between rounds.
Allow the feed to be filtered by type, like on the news page.
When you do a news scan, the type filtering buttons are displayed above the scan link. This aligns it differently to other scans, vertically. Text only skin.
And have the news reports be actually interesting, by requiring a minimum amount (percentage) of ships destroyed/stolen or roids taken. Only about one in ten is worth looking at.
As another suggestion: You have constructions to increase research / income / security. WHERE IS THE CONSTRUCTION TO INCREASE CONSTRUCTION SPEED DAMNIT! cap it at 20%, same way as its done for research.
Your current Production Units, Construction Units and Research Points per tick that your planet generates on the side tab on the right
Now that we can see how many times certain planets have attacked the alliance, would it be possible to make it so that there is a separate page to sort incoming count
Make it so that it displays 'join' instead of 'claim' on ingame attacks if someone has claimed a wave, but not closed it
I'd like to be able to filter my incs in the big red page.
Make co-ords in jgp's clickable like they are on news scans plz.
Mix of nicknames/ruler name and coordinates:
On several alliances page it shows the nickname without the coordinates and without the ruler/planet name.
This means one always need to go back to the Members page, lookup the nickname and only then a mail can be send.
Please always list the coordinates next to the nickname.
Pages which I have in mind:
Alliances -> Scans -> Scanners
Alliances -> Fleets -> Free Ships
Alliances -> Alliance Fund -> Alliance Tax
Nicknames in galaxy overview
Nicknames from the alliance members are currently not displayed.
This in combination with the above point means one always need to (re)check the members page to make sure..
Link to battle scan on Alliances -> Fleets -> Free Ships. Seeing what ships are available is great; not being able to (quickly) add them to a battle calc is less great
Mail feature on Alliances -> Scans -> Scanners and Alliances -> Alliance Fund -> Alliance Tax to request enabling of scan sharing/alliance tax
Another thing to nag about: different URLs of the winter/xmas round.
While this could be a good idea it really messes the scan links and battle scan links up..
If a scan link/battle scan link is pasted on IRC then it ideally need to match the URL that was used to login.. If it doesn't then 'My Bcalc', 'Add Planet' and 'Add My Stuff' are not available..
Yes the URL can be manually changed but that's a bit inconvenient.
On the Alliance -> Attack page:
allow for filtering based on waves: that is: for example being able to select targets with wave 1 open or closed
Different colors for targets:
color for when all waves are claimed
color for when no waves are claimed
color for some wave claimed
Allow battle commander to add claims for someone else.. (Some members forget to claim, ...)
Is it possible to have a "remember me" option on the login page?
Now that LunarLamp owns PA, can we stop the childish censoring of the names of long dead or comatose competitors?
On the Alliance -> Fleets page: it currently shows the ETA and the Orig ETA. It would be nice if it also showed the Arrival tick.
When adding fleets to bcalc the default option should not be the last fleet added but "New" to make calcing quicker.
Show your recent covop history (last ~5 covops) on the cov ops page -- often you will identify a good target that you hit over and over, so it'd be nice not to have to have to look at the History page to remember who it is.
Show the potential covop value before you launch it -- i.e. max roids killed/res stolen/ships stolen/etc. based on relative planet values and agents used.
Is there a way to add an option to the bcalc to add a specific class for your buddies? It's annoying AU'ing your lazy attack mates and manually deleting out what they've not set. I'm thinking maybe within the scan itself an option to 'add FI/CO' etc and not the full AU.

Won't fix
I still think you should be able to name your asteroids! -> Never, Kargool!
id like to nag about the frozen world option which is gone from the PA skins - NOTE if the official designer comes back and fixes it, we can accept it back
Appoco said they'd implent the cathar skin and a couple of others by the end of the round. -> didn't, we were working on them and that one was not recoverable.
Why do I have to click a button to get my startup bonus if there is no choice involved? --> race change changes the bonuses
And why do quests not start automatically? --> when they did, there was a huge row and we had to cancel it.
Why do we have to build a wave amp to do a landing scan, as the scan ignores distorters? -> infrastructure
Why isnt the alliance resource fund on the mining fund, along with galaxy and open trading? -> it's an alliance thing
base donation-limits on value and not score -> no, that way lies the naughty xp whoring
When I re-submit a form, I get the "Invalid action request. This could be a result of your request having expired, double submitting the form or hitting back in your browser and resubmitting an old page/form" message. If I make a mistake, I would like to be able to go back and correct it, rather than have to fill in the form all over again. I'm assuming this is an anti-botting measure, but even so I would like to be able to submit the same form a few times, not just once." -> not anti botting per se, to stop people sending forms multiple times etc
On the fleet page, does anyone actually use the non-popup 'transfer ships' form? -> mobile users
- i'd like the exiles to go to 1:1 instead of C200 -> can't have them dragging us down
Fake defense fleets should fly until eta 0, just like fake attack fleets do. -> no, that makes them too strong. this way rewards activity and staying till ETA 1 too.
Why do we have clusters? we dont have an advantage for cluster time travel, should just have galaxies
I would like a reduction in the number of galaxies per cluster. From 10 to 9. Saves typing.
Parallel 10 no longer exists in the real universe any more (thanks!), but there's still a 200:10.
Inc scans should show LT
Selective "hide and run"
r8-10 RaH r10.5-12 MISTU

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