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Re: Planetarion the game we love to hate

Here is a post I made yesterday to pateam.

I have NOT disappeared but you must understand that it is hard for a small company to make major changes without risking the existing community. Please be a bit more patient, changes are coming.

Hi everyone,

Sorry about disappearing for a while, I've been recoding some of my own sites, plus looking for a flat for myself plus a programmer for the company, all in Hungary. Back in the UK for Christmas but that is a side note.

I've found a programmer in Hungary, who works as a sys admin for IBM but his true passion is programming (which he doesn't do that much of). He's coded his own MUD before, and does a bit of C programming, but has also worked with some PHP on hobby projects. He might not be the most experienced PHP programmer, but his fundamental programming skills are very good.

Right now I have employed him part time on a temporary basis, until the end of the 1st week of january, and we is finishing off a few things on another website of mine, I am seeing how he works.

During Christmas I will design the new simpler PA, and will probably get your input on it once I have a good outline of what I want. I will probably be quite headstrong about it, but I will try and listen to suggestions and criticisms.
All I can say now is that the basics will be similar to PA and it will be facebook based.

If all goes to plan the development should begin once the programmer's (his name is Zoltan btw) test period is finished, provided he is suitable (which so far I think he is).

I am a bit unsure as to how to link the two games together, but I am definately going down the "two games" route.

The only alternative I see, is that we develop some sort of simple App for the current planetarion to test out facebook integration, that could be an initial first step, before plunging into coding a whole new game. So this isn't out of the question either, but obviously this would not mean fully integrating PA into Facebook.
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