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Androme 24 Jul 2007 03:44

Pc problem
I have an asus mobo with amibios and when i turn on the computer it just gives me one long beep and the screen stays black i have not added any new hardware have checked all cables etc

According to google its either a memory problem power supply problem or motherboard problem but how do i diagnose which one it is?

thanks all

Tietäjä 24 Jul 2007 05:51

Re: Pc problem
Which BIOS?

They communicate with beep codes if something is wrong at startup. Different BIOS builds (Phoenix, and so on) use different beep codes to communicate with you. Find out which BIOS your motherboard is using, and google for a beep code guide of that BIOS. You should come up with something that explains what a given amount of different beeps (long or short, in your case one long) means.

Androme 24 Jul 2007 10:33

Re: Pc problem
Thanks for the reply but if you have read my post properly i know what bios i have and i have checked what the beep code means i want to know if there is a way without replacing the parts to check where the problem lies: memory, power supply or motherboard

Structural Integrity 24 Jul 2007 11:03

Re: Pc problem
Well, I think you can factor out the PSU, since it still gets the power to beep ;) (this is not a solid diagnosis BTW.)
You could try taking out one of the memory thingies if you have more than one to see if it's the memory. It's highly unlikely all of the memory died at the same moment.
It it still fails, I'd guess it's the mother board. Though you can not be 100% sure unless you actually replace it. The PSU is still a candidate and may be cheaper to try to replace first.

Tietäjä 24 Jul 2007 12:05

Re: Pc problem
Right you are.

Memtest86 could check the memory as SI mentions, it's relatively easy depending on the memory format, but as it appears to be a pre-boot problem, I guess memtest's out of reach. So the way to test RAM would be to try each stick ceparately on another computer. Did it occur after changing hardware (memories!) or just all of the sudden? PSU sounds like an unlikely candidate unless it's an old computer.

As it's an Asus motherboard checking out Asus forums?

djbass 25 Jul 2007 09:52

Re: Pc problem
Far more likely to be memory, generally if its the PSU/Mobo/CPU it wont be capable of getting to the stage of beeping.

90% of the time when i have seen this problem it has been either something not seated correctly or dust in the contacts.

So my recommendation would be to first try removing the memory and clean any dust from the contacts on it as well as blow out the slots on the MB, then put the memory back in firmly.

The other culprit is often the video card, do the same thing and make sure it is seated firmly.

sale 26 Jul 2007 10:51

Re: Pc problem
you can also put in the memory module in another slot, as far as i remeber ami bios and a long beep is a memory problem, try to remove it completly and boot, then there should be another beep code ( or this helped with the gaphic ), just try it!

and good luck :)

Androme 28 Jul 2007 14:01

Re: Pc problem

ok I took each of the memory modules out started up the computer and then blew on them and put them back in.. now it's working!! woohoo - sorry for the long response even the internet on my phone stopped working (which I used to make this thread heh!)

thanks again :)

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