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wakey 27 Oct 2003 11:25

Suggestions Forum Guidlines and Rules (Updated 13/05/04)
Suggestions Forum Rules and Guidelines (Last Updated 13th May 2004)

After being absent for way too many rounds, the suggestions forum is back and is open for business. Hopefully your reading this before making your first post (if not shame on you :) ) and if so please take careful consideration of the rules and guidelines while making your suggestions. These guidelines are here to ensure that the environment of this forum is one that will allow your ideas to grow from basic ideas to fully formulated features, so please use them as itís in your best interests.

Also please keep an eye on the date in the thread title, these guidelines will grow with the forum and important changes may have happened since your last visit

  1. íStupidí Ideas Ė Its all too common (especially for smaller, less known players) to dismiss ideas they may have as Ďstupidí and fear they will get flamed if they post it. Have a bit more faith in yourself and post the idea, even if your initial idea isnít that good you wonít get flamed for it and it could set in motion a discussion which produces a very good idea. Some of the best ideas on the old suggestions board came from ideas that were initially unworkable.
  2. Duplicate Ideas Ė Every round we used to get a number of ideas repeated over and over again. This doesnít really get us anywhere, after all what use is three threads on a subject when one will do. So before posting please use the search feature to see if your idea has already been discussed. If so read the thread carefully and if you can bring something new and extra to the discussion then reply to the thread. You will be taken a lot more seriously this way than creating a new thread on the idea. *Also Check out the FAF thread (Frequently Asked Features)
  3. Thread Titles - Thread Titles should give the reader an idea of what the threads about. Titles such as Suggestions and My Suggestions are vague and uninformative where as a title like Trade and Trade Routes lets the reader know exactly what the threads about
  4. Level of Detail - Make usre the details of your suggestion are as indepth as possible. This allows others to understand what your getting at and prevents missunderstandings
  5. Multiple Suggestions per post - While doing this might be easier my recommendation is donít do it. Not only does it make it difficult to come up with a descriptive title but it also makes threads slightly confusing and can result in ideas being missed. Keep any idea on the same area together those dealing with separate areas of the game would be better of in their own post (i.e. Keep all your ideas on alliances in the same post but any ideas on races should be placed in its own thread)
  6. Replying to posts Ė When replying to a post do so in a civilised manner. Insults and flames are not welcome here as they donít bring anything constructive to the table. If you disagree with an idea then please post exactly what part you have an issue with and the reasons you have a problem with it. Also if possible please post your ideas of how this problem can be overcome. Only through this kind of co-operation can truly solid suggestions be produced

The Suggestions Team

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