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bankeris 5 Sep 2018 10:00

google reCAPTCHA new!
Hi all,

Just wanted to put suggestion for Devs.
Probably every PA player had "fun" with login - google recaptcha, when you need to mark stores, bridges, cars... and etc from picture.
For my exp with PA login sometimes I need to mark 2 or 3 pictures, it takes time if you are in hurry that's no fun, also not user friendly doing this with phone. Or you just need to put checkbox and login :)

Week ago I noticed that google already has new beta version of recaptcha, which not require to play with pictures or checkbox'es, it's all in background, and user don't need to do any actions. recaptcha gives a score for user how he interacts with website (0.0 - 1.0) there is full documentation how it works :). I have already implemented on my test web, this works not only for login, but also filling and submitting any forms. PA Dev team could implement this not only to be user friendly but also it's a some kind of protection against BOTS or auto-action scripts scans and etc.

As always sorry for my English :)

Mzyxptlk 5 Sep 2018 19:54

Re: google reCAPTCHA new!
Always happy to have Google track me.

genosse27 8 Sep 2018 20:28

Re: google reCAPTCHA new!
my math skills increased since I switched to the old captcha. works well on my mobile phone.

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