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Skycrusher 5 Oct 2021 21:34

Landing Conditions
I know people like stability, but people also think some small level of variability/chance can be fun and add to the replayability factor a lot too. The concept is when you land on a planet - there may be conditions to contend with (some positive, some negative). Ever hear of crazy storms on planets that would probably affect ships landing on it? Solar events causing issues with magnetic things on ships? Even our landers sent out to planets get hit by environmental things all the time and go dark. Nothing drastic, but perhaps in some tight landings, it could slightly turn the tide. Certainly should not be drastic enough to encourage people shooting for lots of random lands, but enough to have people think twice about super close lands, or think twice about letting it land hoping for a positive affect to boost them up a bit.

In any event, this adds a tiny spice and bit of fun to the news report, instead of the flat ships vs ships report.

When you land on a planet:
  • Condition Normal (65% chance) - Planet conditions are normal with no tangible impacts on any ships (smooth sailing, no affects)
  • Severe Storms (5% chance) - Planet conditions are extremely stormy leading to 10% accuracy loss for fleets on both sides
  • Solar Flare (5% chance) - Planet conditions are in direct line of a solar event, leading to 10% effectiveness loss of all EMP weapons
  • Radioactivity (5% chance) - Planet conditions yield extreme radioactivity, making it difficult to board and steal ships, leading to a 5% effectiveness loss of all stealing and 5% loss of all ships stolen
  • Social Unrest (5% chance) - Planet conditions are socially chaotic and allow for defectors, leading to 5% of the defender ships to fight for the attackers
  • Planetary Celebration (5% chance) - Planet conditions are on a massive celebration with highly dedicated followers, leading to 5% increase in the defenders accuracy with guns
  • Asteroid Instability (5% chance) - Planet scientists attempting experiments on asteroids yield highly unstable asteroids; 5% loss of any asteroids stolen as they fall into pieces when attempted to be taken
  • Seismic Activity (5% chance) - Planet conditions of high seismic activity lead the people to already be in their ships above the planet ready for any attackers arriving; +1 init for all defending ships

Obviously all the above are just some ideas, but the core concept is when you land, there are x amount of planetary conditions that can impact the battle. Normal status to be a high percentage (business as usual, plain ol' news report), but then a mix of 5, 10, 20 or however many different low chance events that can make minor impacts and spice things up a little bit since you never know what may pop up, but only if you are landing.


Cochese 5 Oct 2021 22:23

Re: Landing Conditions
There is no “landing”…

Combat happens in orbit, not on the surface…

Skycrusher 5 Oct 2021 22:37

Re: Landing Conditions
I mean there is literally a "landing" scan...

But anyways however you interpret the actual combat, if my ships just stay in space above the planet, or they like to visit for a drink while stealing the roids - you can adapt the concept to both and adjust the scenarios to make sense, more related to:

- the surrounding planet conditions (solar flare still makes sense, maybe black holes form around planet, etc)

- the conditions of the asteroids (they break apart, they can be split to be 2 asteroids, they explode to damage ships, they can't be navigated and reduce accuracy, etc)

- the planet conditions themselves can also affect the people/ships launching from the planet (in both good or bad ways) which turn to affects from the combat

Ave 6 Oct 2021 04:42

Re: Landing Conditions
I think random effects are no good, a honor based system to affect your fights could be a thing tho. Its decent amount of work to balance it out tho.

Mzyxptlk 6 Oct 2021 18:11

Re: Landing Conditions
I think introducing things people can't bcalc for is a bad idea in a game like this.

arandomguy 7 Oct 2021 16:41

Re: Landing Conditions
yeah in a game that runs for 2 months at a time, having some random effect that can turn around and wipe out large portions of your fleet.
would be pretty shitty

KillGhost 9 Oct 2021 09:17

Re: Landing Conditions
This requires programming. Won't happen.

Cowkimon 11 Oct 2021 10:39

Re: Landing Conditions
Landing is tricky enough of a call at the best of times with defense present. Introducing random factors like this will likely make landing harder and affect those who think twice or YOLO. We need features to increase landing chances overall, so the game isn't largely send-recall boredom. If these can be tweaked maybe to make it beneficial for defense AND attackers maybe.

Normal - Fine
Severe storms- 10% accuracy loss both sides - Fine, I think.
Others - Not good.

Other suggestions: Increase salvage, Increase XP both sides.
Slight curveball: Sneak Attack. 5% chance attackers get through defense unscathed for 12.5% max roid gain. No emp/steal/damage to any ships

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