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Ave 2 Oct 2021 05:51

CaRn 94
Highest scoring tag r93, the real teamplayers!
"4th win @vistion ;)"

-If you can keep up, the fleet movement!!
-If you are cheat free, come on, we are cooler than that! :cool:
-If you arent overly sensitive, I am the most diplomatic person we got :rolleyes:;)
-If you dare to fight, got the (calculated) crash insurance covered?

If the opponent resists (tends to happen), CaRnage there will be! (tends to happen)

The HOME of warriors and Risto! :D

Round 94 will have signups starting on Friday, 15th October, with ticks starting on Friday, 22nd October at 20:00 GMT and finishing on Friday, 10th December at 20:00 GMT.

Ave 21 Oct 2021 06:45

Re: CaRn 94
@everyone I hear cool kids play Planetarion in CaRn!! r94 starts tomorrow!!

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