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Arcade Games - Puzzle
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3 Votes, 3.67 Average
An all-time classic board game from the Orient.
with a score of 2341
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TheoDD is the new Anime BlackJack champion!
13:44, 27th May 2018
TheoDD is the new Solitaire champion!
13:28, 27th May 2018
Adapt is the new Yankee Go Home champion!
18:04, 12th Mar 2017
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15:39, 9th Oct 2016
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05:29, 9th Aug 2016
Arcade Champions
1st Tasos with 12 awards.
2nd Zirikk with 11 awards.
3rd DerEins with 10 awards.
4th Mzyxptlk with 6 awards.
5th PewPewQQ with 6 awards.
Latest Scores
moldypenguins scored 1,657 playing Suicide Puppy.
moldypenguins scored 1,547 playing Suicide Puppy.
moldypenguins scored 170 playing Penguin Pass.
moldypenguins scored 94 playing Apples.
moldypenguins scored 3 playing Mini KickUps.
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