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Welcome to the Arcade. Have fun and enjoy the games. Suggest any improvements or modifications to Appocomaster!

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News & Events
Adapt is the new Yankee Go Home champion!
18:04, 12th Mar 2017
DerEins is the new Yankee Go Home champion!
15:39, 9th Oct 2016
Nudah is the new Yankee Go Home champion!
05:29, 9th Aug 2016
Tasos is the new Typing Test champion!
17:53, 20th Nov 2015
Tasos is the new Smack the Rabbit champion!
17:49, 20th Nov 2015
Arcade Champions
1st Tasos with 12 awards.
2nd Zirikk with 11 awards.
3rd DerEins with 11 awards.
4th Mzyxptlk with 6 awards.
5th PewPewQQ with 6 awards.
Latest Scores
Sparks scored 900 playing Space Rescue.
Sparks scored 2,749 playing Yankee Go Home.
Sparks scored 544 playing Sperm Wars.
willwar14 scored 19,120 playing Asteroids.
willwar14 scored 6,530 playing Asteroids.
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