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A Newbie's Guide to the Roleplaying Forum

Roleplaying is a place where you can take part in RPs, or Roleplays. These are where one person creates an idea for a thread, and other people will take part in the story. There are some serious RPs, and some less serious . Some have plots, others don't. Most of them are controlled in some way by the thread creator, or DM (dungeon master, a relic from Dungeons and Dragons).

Character Creation.

One of the first things you can do when you get to the RP boards, is create a character. You can go into detail as explained here, or you can just start roleplaying. Some people will come here with a character that they created in some other RP, others will create a character for a specific thread and continue on with it into other threads, and others are just able to sit down and write a huge story for background. If you are capable of doing this, go ahead, but if not, you can still create a great character.

First of all, your character needs a name. This can be anything, but in most cases, it's best to have it be the same as your user name. If not, at least keep it constant from thread to thread. Otherwise, names could be confused. Use the same character over and over in several threads of the same genre, (Fantasy, Sci-Fi) that way the name is constant, and you can add something you learned in one thread to the others. Some characters may need to be adaptapted at times to fit the thread creatures requirements.

Next, give your character an appearance. Is he* human, elven, alien, vegetable, animal, item of dessert? We've had all of these in the past. Does he have any distinguishing features? If you aren't sure, leave that area out of your character's description, and add it later. Finally, your character needs to be able to defend himself*. Give your character some powers and weapons. This part can be tricky. If you give your character too much power, he will be overwhelming, impossible to fight against, and boring to play with. On the other hand, if he is too weak, he will die early and often. The best way to deal with this, is give him something, and adjust as is necessary. One rule about characters, NEVER make them invincible. This will get you flamed, insulted, and ejected from threads, plus many RPers are very creative, and will find a way around it.


Alright, now that you have a character, you're ready to post, but where and how? Here, I'll give some guidelines. The best way to pick a thread, is to read it. As a general rule, it's best to stick with smaller threads, because it becomes very difficult to pick up in the middle of a long involved story, and your character might be ignored by other players. Once you've picked a thread, make your first post a way for your character to enter. This is other players first impression of you, so try to make it good. "Joe walks in" is not a good entrance. Something else you'll want to do if you're new, is post an abbreviated character summary. This gives other players some idea of what kind of character you are. Something you will find is that most threads are written in the third person. This means "Joe leaps over the wall.", not "I leap over the wall." This doesn't apply to speaking.

Example: "Joe says, 'I am here!'", not "Joe says, 'Joe is here!'" This may seem a bit confusing at first, but once you start posting, it all makes sense.

Creating Threads.

Making new threads is not a requirement on this board. Too many newbies show up, and start churning out tons of pointless threads. This is a bad idea. The best way to get known and respected on the RP boards, is to RP. You don't need to worry about people disliking you just because you are new. You don't need to be afraid of people flaming or killing you just because you are new. Most RPers like new people on the boards, especially if they are willing to learn, and contribute ideas. Just join a few RPs, and if they don't work, move on.

If you do want to create a thread though, it's often helpful to follow these guidelines:

  1. Set some ground rules. Let people know what genre it is, what the objective is, and what specific rules exist. This will give other players something to work from.
  2. Be creative. Wait until you have a really new idea. Rehashing the same old plots over and over generates a lot of dead threads.

If you create a thread, check it regularly and post whenever you're on, as otherwise it may look a bit strange and you won't get much better at RPing.

Top 10 Things Newbies Shouldn't Do

  1. Spam. This is a waste of time, and will get you flamed straight away. Also, Mods are rather creative, and might edit your post to make you look like a complete idiot, assuming it didn't already.
  2. Create threads with no plot.
  3. Create threads with a poor plot.
  4. One-post kills. This will get you in big trouble with the other RPers. They especially dislike things like "Joe walks in with a uzi and kills everyone." Sure you can understand why
  5. Post unclear threads/replies which no-one understands.
  6. Give yourselves amazing abilities straight off and save the day too quickly.
  7. Flame. This can be worse than spam, because it could turn an otherwise good RP into a flame war that eventually has to be deleted.
  8. End good RPs before their full potential has been realised. For example, in a thread where you have to find the Golden Fleece, don't find it suddenly - RP is about exciting plots, and having fun. If you end a thread with no warning, you will be spammed, and your post ignored.
  9. Whine or sulk. Eventually, someone is going to be a jerk. You will want to join in on something, but they don't want to let you, or maybe they've flamed you a bit. Don't let them get you down. Make a dramatic exit, and go elsewhere. There are plenty of people who will welcome you.
  10. Be rude. If you screw up (and eventually you will), apologise. This shows maturity, and most people are willing to give you a second chance.

The Mods

Yes, the mods. For the roleplaying forum, that's basically just Darkling now. The mods job is to stop anyone being abusive, using bad language etc, enforcing the forum rules, and generally keeping the peace. We are the only people who can make threads "sticky" (that is, so they stick to the top of the board all the time), and we can edit, close, or delete, any threads and posts that are breaking rules. Oh, and ban you if you misbehave

If you need any help, just send a Private Message to Darkling. If you think something is breaking the rules, you can report it by clicking the "report to moderator" link next to a post. We are a bit like the "Forum Police", though that is a bit of an overstatement.

Roleplaying Abbreviations/Acronyms

RP/RPer - Roleplay/Roleplayer
ooc - out of character
ic - in character
pld - well played

Old Thread Names you may hear referenced

the OOC - The Officer's Only Club
the HRH - The Happy Roid Hotel
the RfR - The Refuge for Rookies

Written by Yanbetari, edited by Tseia, re-edited by dragonsjem.

*"He" and "himself" are gender neuter in this case. If you don't believe me, read a book on English grammar

AoO O_o
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