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** Planetarion Forums Rules **

Clause 1: Moderator Discretion / "Life's unfair. Deal with it" A Moderator is free to close/edit/remove/move any thread or post he/she wants, where they have a reason for doing so. If the moderator decides your thread does not adhere to the rules then it will be removed. If you don't like it then PM Appocomaster. A user may delete his/her own posts or threads, and is encouraged to do so if they accidentally make repeated posts. However, a moderator has the right to undelete a post or thread if it adds context or tangible value to a discussion, in particular where abuse of the delete option has taken place. In doing so, a moderator should be sensitive to the wishes of the poster and should attempt to balance the poster's desire to delete his/her post or thread with the best interests of the forum. You may complain about a moderator's actions to an administrator; the correct procedure for doing this is via a PM to my account. If you cannot find me then please contact Wakey. Public threads complaining about moderator actions are treated with extreme prejudice, and may be closed or deleted. Please follow the stated complaints procedure at all time. Note that I reserve the right to not act on any complaints if I feel they are unwarranted; administrators also reserve the right to remove any account they feel has broken any part of the rules detailed in this document. There have been various spates of users creating gimmick accounts. If a gimmick account is found by a mod the actions taken will depend upon the gimmick's posts on the forums and their behaviour overall. Moderators will act at their own discretion when dealing with users. The forums contain both liberal and harsh moderators. Any of them may act on the gimmick posters on their forum, although will usually talk to each other before making a decision. Clause 2: Banned Users Should your account become banned, it will be for a good reason. In 90% of circumstances, you will first have received a warning. If you disregard it thatís your own loss. Grievances regarding bans should be addressed to the admins or moderators in #support. If you are banned, you are not permitted to register another account to view the forums or post with. If you already own another account (which is not allowed), and it is discovered, it will be permanently banned. If the original banned account was only banned temporarily, it may be banned for longer as a result. Users who help banned users to evade bans, by means such as letting them use their account or by registering them new accounts, will face consequences themselves. This may include their own accounts being banned, temporarily or permanently. Clause 3: Trolling Clause Trolling for a reaction by posting obscene and/or insensitive information on these boards is not permitted. A moderator will either remove the information and close the thread, or delete the thread entirely; the choice is at their own discretion. If you donít like it then please refer to Clause 1. Eventually you run the risk of losing your account, which will reduce your post count to 0. If you persistently troll for responses then you will be banned. Furthermore, Trolling is a hard area to define and does not always have to be obscene or insensitive posts. More subtle trolls will manage to stay with the rules but at the same time aggravate users and cause a response. Whether or not someone is trolling or not comes down to moderator discretion and action will be taken as they see fit. Any complaints about the action taken by a mod must be taken up with an admin. Clause 4: Flaming Being unnecessarily abusive or needlessly aggressive to people will not be tolerated in any shape or form. Examples beyond the obvious include elitist behaviour, mass bandwagoning to have a go at someone or getting unnecessarily 'personal' about people. While people having a go at each other will be allowed, there is a line to be crossed. The moderators exist to determine this line and thus will enforce this rule as they see fit and the line may vary from subforum to subforum. Failure to comply will result in a warning as to your conduct and if necessary an appropriately timed ban from the forum. Clause 5: Spamming Spamming is a difficult topic to define and as such, I will not attempt to tie this subject down to specific categories. Spam is quite simply the posting of irrelevancies. It is the posting of topics that have no discussion potential or the posting of individual replies, which do not add to a current discussion but only seek to increase a post count and/or undermine a thread of a serious discussion. Where an irrelevant reply is posted, a moderator is within his/her rights to delete it. The bumping of old threads, which serves no useful purpose, is not acceptable and all 'bumping' is done under moderator discretion. The posting of large IRC logs and/or News reports is boring and of no interest to the large majority of board users. Ten lines is the maximum allowed length for posted IRC logs. If you wish to post such things then make sure they are to the point and easy to read or provide a suitable link. As these forums aim to provide a constructive posting atmosphere, certain words are censored to avoid spam replies consisting of one or two words. Any combination of letters clearly recognisable as one of the words prohibited by the censor is not allowed. Foreign letters or symbols used to create a recognisable censored word, VB code added between the letters of a censored word and spaces between the letters of censored words all count as censor evasion. Once again, there will be ambiguous cases which will come down to the decision of whoever is moderating at the time. Users will be warned in these cases. Repeated censor evasion will result in a ban at moderator discretion. Clause 6: Advertising Advertising in any form is expressly forbidden on the Planetarion Forums. This especially includes other online games, whether or not they contain similarities to Planetarion. Where the moderators consider an advertised product to be of particular benefit to the Planetarion community, they may permit advertising of it, but this is entirely at their discretion. Clause 7: Racism All racist posts will be deleted and the user will be deleted. The moderators have a strict zero tolerance on such offences. Racism includes threads which actively encourage "country vs country" and also which attack others based on their race, religion or nationality. Clause 8: Coordinates Coordinates (coords) are banned from the forums unless relating to previous rounds. The posting of Rulername and/or Planet Name is also forbidden due to planet-searching techniques available to all Planetarion users. Links to sites that make coords available or information as to where to obtain co-ordinates of users are also not tolerated. However, towards the latter stages of the round the posting of coordinates concerning important developments in the game will be tolerated at the discretion of the moderators. Clause 9: Links to unsuitable material Linking to Pornography or other highly undesirable items will lead to instant deletion and possible banning of IP from the Planetarion forums. Clause 10: Signatures Signatures should not be of a length longer than 10 lines. Preferably, use a signature of 2 lines in length. The posting of IRC logs is found to be both annoying and unsuitable unless it is of 2 line length. Do not change your signature so it fills up half the page with what you want people to see. It is highly likely that 99% of other users take very little notice of what you may or may not find inspiring and/or humourous. A moderator is within his/her right to amend a signature that breaks these guidelines without prior warning. Clause 11: Language Unfortunately we are unable to provide a discussion board which is truly multi-lingual. Due to the number of different languages being used in this international community we have been forced to impose an English-only rule. This is to stop the breaking of clauses 1-9 from taking place if written in a language the moderating team cannot understand. The moderators kindly request that all users put in effort to make their posts easily understandable, in English. However, the moderators of the planetarion forums appreciate that English will not be many posters first language. Unnecessary criticism of people's spelling and grammar skills will not be tolerated, as it is in the forum's best interest to have as wide a user base as possible. As long as a post is understandable and readable there should be no reason to pick this up. Clause 12: You the Users You the user must at all times act as you would if in a public place within any country. This may be an online discussion forum but it does not mean you can act and behave as though nothing you say really matters. There are real users responding to you and these real users have opinions and emotions. It is in part up to you the user to make the Planetarion Forums a user-friendly place to be. If you behave in a manner, which encourages others to follow suit the Forums will become an easier place to talk and contain a friendlier atmosphere. If you decide to break the rules detailed above then you are harming yourself just as much as others. Clause 13: House rules Some forums have house rules that are stated in a sticky thread at the top of the forum. These should be followed as if they were normal rules. The Planetarion Forums team reserve the right to change and modify these rules at any time without prior notice. Not all rules of posting can be covered in a single document and therefore Clause 1 is important to understand. A moderator is there to make sure the community is a friendly and happy place to post in. Constant criticism publicly of a moderator does not help your case. Private Message the mod in question or Private Message an Admin [Appocomaster]. Please note that the rules aforementioned apply to all cases of posting including the quotation of another user in part or in whole. Do not quote any banned links which other users may post or commit any actions along these lines.

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